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TEAM 734
The official visual to the record "Like Me" ft. Dusty Mcfly Hosted by. Big Dawg Blast of FM98 WJLB & The Conglomerate Dj's Read more.

Smash Brothaz are more than just your typical hip hop rap group. They are a group of individuals hitting all generes of the rap game. The Smash Brothaz movement has the originality that is lacking from music of the 21st century. Read more ...

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ThaNovelist an artist that have a story behind his rap lyric's. Born in Brooklyn, NY, August 8, 1982 to a life of hardship and struggle. It was at an early age that life took another turn with staying in various treatment facilities from the age 12 to 16. That time in his life was the beginning of finding clarity into his life story. He turned this negitive period into something postive with generating his thoughts and feeling though music, his true calling. Read more ...

Jamsource/Runway Magazine

As our journey continue to expand our readership around the world, we understand it's all about providing updated insight into the underground entertainment industry, more so than already known national. The "GLOBAL TAKEOVER" was created to take that journey full force and It has been our sole purpose since 2001 to provide an outlet for the artist to expand their horizon and move forward with recognition around the world.

We work to connect with those that have an interest in all types of entertainment from the arts, music, theater, dance and both the public and industry benefit from our outreach to millions across the nation and internationally.

The industry featured on the "GLOBAL TAKEOVER" are those that have stayed steady on the grind to get their talent on the street. Jamsource/Runway is proud to have had the opportunity to experience first hand the artist and discover their skill, as to be able to market them outside their neighborhood.


All parties interested artist are availiable for booking and can be contacted directly.

Scientific (Samuel Sonnyboy Tubman) was born in Liberia (Bong County) and raised in Ghana because of the war that broke out in Liberia at that time. With a Christian background, you would expect more of a gospel act but Scientific is extremely versatile. As a young man his first ambition was to become a doctor until he got into high school and got really acquainted with Hip Hop. Read more ...


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